Urban areas Database

The data concerning the indicators "Report on Urban Environment Quality "  have been organized in a database to make available  on-line  a management tool  to environmental information.

Using this link www.ost.sinanet.isprambiente.it you can:

• check the values of the indicators of the Report on the Quality of the Urban Environment;

• search for particular subject areas, indicators or urban areas;

• compare indicator at spatially and temporally level;

• consult directly the database, and download data;

• overlay different cartography and environmental information


The Data on more than two hundred indicators of the Report are available in tabular form in the databases. From this section, which is constantly updated, the search can be done by theme, indicator, city and year, and download the data extracted directly on the Pc .

The database is constantly updated in order to provide to the public access to information on the state of the environment in urban areas integrated with data of the  National Environmental Information System and services made available through the National Infrastructure Information territorial and environmental monitoring.From the home page of the site www.areeurbane.isprambiente.it , selecting on the national map a municipality, it opens a window that displays some demographic information and links of the same town from which to access to  the cartographic site www.ost.sinanet.isprambiente.it