The EMAS Scheme offers to Public Administrations the opportunity to use a tool apt to combining sustainable development with a transparent communication.

This Scheme can achieve both the internal efficiency, resulting from the implementation of a management system, as well as the resolution of critical environmental issues to the benefit of citizens.

Environmental certification (ISO 14001 and EMAS), established as a voluntary instrument with a predominant application in the industry, over the years has undergone several changes and currently involves all types of organizations, both public and private.

Since it is restrictive to consider the public administration only as a subjects that provide services, as they are locally responsible for the development of the environmental policy of the territory, the application of EMAS to the Public Administration allows an improvement in the internal efficiency, through the implementation of a management system, while assessing the improvement of the territory and of the quality of citizens’ lives. Comparing the data referred to Italy and to other European countries, Italy stands out for the number of registrations of public bodies, thanks also to the incentive policies promoted at the regional and provincial levels.

Environmental protection remains a primary goal of the government of the territory. Within this context, EMAS is a tool for the environmental improvement and also a commitment to increase the level of protection and enhancement of the territory. Such commitment should result in the improvement of the quality of life of all citizens. From this point of view, the Environmental Statement is important for its communication potential, resulting in an adequate and transparent information on the environment health. With the Regulation (EC) No. 1221/09 - EMAS III the role of Public Administration in terms of territorial governance is strengthened as results in most parts of the Regulation.